Update On The Bitcoin Segwit2x Hard Fork The Coinbase Blog

COINBASE: Bitcoin Segwit2x & Bitcoin Gold Fork Updates2 aug 2017.

Deze hard fork is de eerste in de geschiedenis van bitcoin.

De SegWit-upgrade van het bitcoinnetwerk, waarover miners in juli overeenstemming.

Coinbase- ceo Brian Armstrong liet weten dat hij niet van plan is om overhaaste.

Het blog van kraken vermeldt het duidelijker. http://blog.kraken.com/po.

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28 Oct 2017.

Update: The main organizers behind the SegWit2x project have suspended the hard fork.

The SegWit2x hard fork is drawing closer by the day.

Hong Kong– based cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex is the largest Bitcoin.

a new statement “ clarifying” that Coinbase will actually list the coins with the most.

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17 Nov 2017.

Bitcoin broke through $8,000 amid hard fork anticipation.

developments surrounding the SegWit2x hard fork hace drawn significant attention.

Coinbase wrote a blog post announcing that that starting at 2 a.m. Pacific Time.