Samsung Turns Old Galaxy S5 Units Into A Bitcoin Miner

29 Oct 2017.

Samsung's Mining Rig Lets You Collect Cryptocurrency Using 40 Old.

turn those old phones into something useful — say, a cryptocurrency mining rig?.

Instead, 40 units of Samsung's Galaxy S5 can do the trick — in fact,

31/10/2017  · At its recent developer conference in San Francisco, Samsung demonstrated the initiative’s potential with the coolest thing we’ve ever seen smartphones do. The company managed to take 40 old Galaxy S5 smartphones, and turn them into a bitcoin mining rig. It was the perfect demo for upcycling, which involves repurposing old hardware instead.

31 Oct 2017.

So it's cool to see Samsung instead taking these old devices and.

to take 40 old Galaxy S5 smartphones, and turn them into a bitcoin mining rig.

that 8 Galaxy 5S units working in tandem can mine bitcoins with greater.

Samsung built the setup for mining from the old Galaxy S530 Oct 2017.

Samsung recently launched a new "Upcycling" initiative meant to breathe new life into its older Android smartphones that are still relatively.

30 Oct 2017.

Whether you get a new phone every few years or every month, the question becomes what to do with your old one. Do you sell it on a site like.

29 Oct 2017.

Samsung's found a use for your old Galaxy S5 (and no, it doesn't matter if it's smashed to smithereens): Pair it with thirty-nine other units, install.

28 Oct 2017.

The 'Upcycling' Program Has Seen the Company Turn 40 Used Galaxy S5s Into a Bitcoin Mining Rig. Samsung Builds Bitcoin Mining Rig Using.

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17/11/2017  · And so it’s great news that Samsung is starting a new "Upcycling" initiative that is designed to turn old smartphones and turn them into something brand new. Behold, for example, this bitcoin mining rig, made out of 40 old Galaxy S5 devices, which runs on a new operating system Samsung has developed for its upcycling initiative. Image: Kyle Wiens Samsung premiered this rig, and a bunch of.

29/10/2017  · However, Samsung’s new "upcycling" initiative aims to give your old phones new life. The company recently displayed a bitcoin mining rig made of 40 old Galaxy S5 devices, running a new operating system Samsung specifically developed for its new initiative. The machine was premiered, along with a bunch of other set-ups for old phones, at its.