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George Hotz | Programming | Fun with MuZero and MCTS on a lovely Sunday | CartPole | DeepMind AI08/02/2017 · Nigerians Run To Bitcoin For Safety, Take The Cue From Venezuelans – CoinTelegraph February 8, 2017 0 Pascal Coin – Wallet Introduction – Developer & Development Thoughts!

26/01/2020 · A blockchain developer, Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), has entered the Bitcoin 2.0 sweepstakes with a protocol designed to support a blockchain capable of handling more transactions. The company’s proof-of-stake Ouroboros protocol is a consensus algorithm designed to improve user governance, system maintenance, transaction processing speeds and blockchain scalability. IOHK’s chief.

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The Hong Kong-based startup launched its ICO pre-sale in March of this year, and will be opening the token sale to the public in May 2018. The firm is led by serial entrepreneur Patrick Tang – formerly the founder of Jaha (a mobile fitness tracker) and Timeless Elements (an ecommerce company).

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