How To Make A Pot Of Gold On Paper

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Pot of Gold – Paper craft. For St. Patrick's Day, try making this Pot of Gold craft. Below are the Instructions to make the craft.

29/03/2019 · How to Make a Pot of Gold Candy Dish. There's always a good excuse to have candy on you desk, and holidays are one of them. Instead of using a plain bowl for St. Patrick's Day, why not make your own? Using a 2-liter soda bottle and a few.

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Paper Pot of Gold Craft – Our paper pot of gold is a great craft for younger children because they can help glue together all of the parts (and you can throw in a quick colors and circle shape lesson too!). This is also a great craft to make with our paper leprechaun hat craft. You can hide the gold and let your little leprechauns find it!

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07/03/2009 · As that lucky Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow can be tricky to find, we decided to make our own. With just a few supplies, you’ll have a fun centerpiece filled with gold. Supplies for Pot of Gold: pot – terracotta pot, or a black pot you may already have; black paint and paint brush; Easter grass

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Patrick's Day with the kids and have some fun using watercolor. Come on in, and I'll show you how to turn a paper plate into a cute St. Patrick's Day Pot of Gold.

Use our templates to make creating this craft even easier. Our paper pot of gold is a great craft for younger children because they can help glue together all of.

Flatten your bookmark to complete the pot. It’s time to add the gold! Take the 3 small rectangles and paste them behind the pot, so that half is out, like the picture below. Finally, glue the coins piece on top of the pot and the rectangles.

Here is a brief instruction on how to make the pots: – Cut a strip of paper, in my case 50 cm x 10 cm is good (this is about a feet x 4 inch) – Roll the paper strip onto the template and leave about 30 mm (an inch) at the end with the punch – Fold the paper outside the template to form the bottom of the pot – Then punch the bottom to make it stay in place – Remove the pot from the template.

Makes 1 big batch Prep 10 minutes. An old newspaper, comics or magazines; 1 level mug of plain flour; 1 level mug of warm water, plus extra tap water for loosening; Method. 1. Tear or cut strips or little squares from your newspaper, comics or magazines according to the project you're working on.

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