Bitpay Is Growing? How Startup Suspicions Are Fueling Bitcoin’s Fork

Bitcoin bull run started! No its a bear market, wait BTC is bullish! no its bearish. TA & NYSE crash03/10/2017  · When BitPay merchants announce that they are accepting bitcoin payments, they often see an increase in new customers from the bitcoin world. And since BitPay.

15/12/2018  · The CEO of the American fintech startup noted that while BitPay already processes $1 billion in BTC/BCH transactions yearly, he wants this sum to grow to $10 billion and $100 billion in the years to come, as a sign of the growing influence of cryptocurrencies on a global scale.

But BitPay’s claims will surely add fuel to the political fire, primarily because many remain skeptical of press releases showing large gains in transaction volume. That’s because it’s not always clear how bitcoin businesses are calculating their growth.

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