Bitcoin Music

31 Jan 2019.

The original Bitcoin Girl music video is back!! I made this in 2014, and it's now been remastered with an extra never-before-seen scene in it.

The Ethereum platform eliminates the confusion of music ownership and pays artists using smart contracts and cryptocurrencies. Real-life use case: Imogen.

Realtime Bitcoin transaction visualizer. See and hear new transactions, trades and blocks as they occur.

2 Sep 2018.

When it comes to music however, that status is more debatable. Imma go and short some bitcoin. Every day and every night. Cos it's a bearish.

Simon Phillip Cowell is an English television celebrity, producer, record executive, and entrepreneur. Last year his name.

29 Jun 2018.

Decentralized platforms give more power to the individual. A music ecosystem without intermediaries and authorities allows artists to get paid.

Bitcoin is a very likely candidate for a world reserve currency,’ entrepreneur & best-selling author tells RT’s Keiser Report.

3 Mar 2018.

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Crypto Programming VIBE Music 🦠 #6Blockchain technology is tipping the scales of the music industry, shifting the power from intermediaries back to artists.

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