0.13.1 Sync Problems


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Mainnet Daedalus Wallet Safe Staking. During the roll out of the Shelley Incentivized testnet, anyone claiming to be a stake pool and requesting a transfer of ada is a scam. You will never need to send anyone your ada to delegate your stake. Mainnet Daeda.

If your phone is having problems syncing with your Google Account, you could see a message, "Sync is currently experiencing problems. It will be back shortly.

Very interesting thread. I’ve never been able to connect the Sky box directly to the tv without getting bad lip sync issues. My usual setup to connect the Sky box to my soundbar and then hdmi pass-through to the TV. That way lip sync for Sky is good, but there are 2 downsides: 1. for TV apps the lip sync drifts off (a tv reboot gets it back in.

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20/01/2016 · Minecraft Windows 10 version will not open. Cross posted this elsewhere too; I seem to have reached the end of my google-fu, and am at a loss on what to do next. I bought the windows 10 version and installed it on the family PC under my user account, as well as my son's user account (logging into the store as myself and installing it.

30/09/2019  · Only half of my contacts sync with my 2018 bmw idrive after updating to 13.1, i akipped 13.0 so don’t know if the problem started in .1 – there was no issues on 12.4.1. Anyone noticed similar?

21 Mar 2019.

An issue has been found in the latest release of Daedalus 0.13.0.

Users who are affected by this issue will be able to upgrade to Daedalus 0.13.1 (Cardano 1.5.1).

Reboot your machine; Start Daedalus and allow it to Sync.

27/10/2016  · Bitcoin Core 0.13.1 is the only soft fork release planned for the 0.13 release series. The next major planned release is Bitcoin Core 0.14.0, which has feature freeze scheduled for mid-January 2017 and release to follow after all testing is completed (this typically takes more than a month in order to give everyone sufficient time to test).

17 May 2020.

Problem In earlier versions of Daedalus (before 0.13.1), users who were unable to sync did not get an automatic Daedalus update.

27/10/2016  · From 0.13.1 onwards OS X 10.7 is no longer supported. 0.13.0 was intended to work on 10.7+, but severe issues with the libc++ version on 10.7.x keep it from running reliably. 0.13.1 now requires 10.8+, and will communicate that to 10.7 users, rather than crashing unexpectedly.

09/04/2012  · If you ran into the following compilation problems: undefined reference to ‘__sync_sub_and_fetch_4’ problem or with any of the following functions:

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